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Brushless motor controller principle should also be aware of other foreign
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love in Wuxi Xinda site, since the mentioned brushless motor control, it will link to another noun, brushless motor controller, which is brushless motor control of concrete, so here's a quick look at in order to understand this aspect of the brushless motor control.

1 composition
Brushless motor controller is dominated by single-chip control circuit , power tube pre- driver circuit, electronic commutator , Hall signal detection circuit , turn the signal circuit , undervoltage detection circuit , current limiting / overcurrent detection circuit , brake signal circuit composed of these parts , the speed limit circuit and power supply circuit , each part has its own role , and therefore indispensable.
2 installation, inspection
Take a good line in accordance with the wiring diagram later , check to confirm wiring loose , if loose will cause the wiring to overheat , to use special tools to operate when wiring.
Use a multimeter , voltage detection, whether the controller voltage requirements , do not have to touch the terminal phase or short circuit , otherwise there will be problems.
After checking everything no problem , you can run a load test performed after the test run is no exception .
3 Cautions
( 1 ) controller repair, not arbitrarily to avoid damaging the controller.
( 2 ) controller performs when the phase sequence of the motor , be sure to disconnect the power , do not live action , to avoid danger.
4 . Fault
Normal current general controller should be less than 50 mA, if more than this range , then there is a problem , then the repair should be checked for troubleshooting, so that the current back to normal.

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