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System Description and features automatic sewing custom controller
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customized automatic sewing machine controller for it, we will introduce below, so that everyone on the sewing machine controller have initial impression, and will not do not know what it is, incomprehensible. And this knowledge, but also for their useful.

1 System Requirements
( 1 ) can store more styles , and can quickly change between the various styles.
( 2 ) from the computer graphics application for conversion.
( 3 ) requires four moving the control shaft , and at the same time to support the stepping motor pulse .
2 System description
( 1 ) using the PCI-1240, it can achieve motion control functions , and can withstand shock.
( 2 ) conduct a style of sewing , the operator simply press the button to start sewing it. Clothes for rotating the first shaft and the second shaft to move up and down the needle , and the third axis is the control edge of the elastic clothes .
( 3 ) sewing machine sewing speed is controlled by a computer , and with reference to the thickness of the fabric , stitch length, and set the speed.
( 4 ) general sewing and after sewing , the display will show a series of sewing data for reference.
3 Features
( 1 ) the production efficiency can be increased by 30% , and improve the quality of sewing .
Simple ( 2 ) operation , rugged and can withstand a certain degree of shock and vibration .
( 3 ) style file output from the computer application , you do not need to be translated operation.
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