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Composition and a brief introduction to the engine control system described
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engine control system is mainly composed of what?
A: The engine control system mainly by the fuel system, air intake system and electronic control system which consists of three parts, the following three parts to this simple explanation and introduction to, and brushless motor control phase difference.

( 1 ) Fuel System
Is to provide a fuel intake manifold or cylinder . Fuel in the pump suction start , fuel filter and pressure by the pressure regulator , the pressure is adjusted to a certain value , the distribution to the injector through the pipeline , then the pulse signal injector to the fuel injection into the cylinder inside .
( 2 ) the intake system
To form a combustible mixture to provide necessary air cleaner through the air - Air flow meter - throttle body - the intake manifold - intake manifold and finally into the cylinder.
( 3 ) electronic control system
The sensor according to the detected engine operating conditions to determine the number of operations , so that the engine can run at optimum conditions.
It is compared with conventional in structure and performance has been greatly improved , in order to :
a. electronic control systems, among all levels are independent, but interact and pinned . The whole system is controlled by the ECU , to coordinate and control the subsystems to complete the overall function.
b. electronic control unit, because the use of digital circuits and large-scale integrated circuits, at the same time , computer processing speed continues to increase , making the control functions of electric control system greatly enhanced. In addition , the centralized control functions , but also bring a lot of benefits.
The main components of the electronic control system with electronic control units , air flow meter , throttle body and engine speed sensors, each of which is essential, in which sensors , ECU and actuators which three are working with each other .

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