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Running electrical control basic functions and composition of what?
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treadmill generally has electronic control system or apparatus , which is obtained by changing the predetermined order to the circuit wiring in the circuit or changing the resistance value , the motor is controlled to achieve the purpose . Mainly controlled start , speed , braking direction of the motor, as well as the reverse command control , etc. , so that the electric control is very important for the treadmill , the reason, here we will spend some time to understand look in understanding electric sewing machine at the same time .

Running electrical control basic functions are there?
A: Running electrical control basic functions : Ex overshoot protection circuit, communication connecting the DC single job control , electronic watches and electronic control , the regulated output power and start working and torque , and slope adjustment.
Running electrical control system, which is dominated by the control panel , motor drives, motors , cables and accessories , such as those composed .
Control Panel: is with the user, and pass information to the motor driver , and thus speed control. Generally on the control panel will show the motion parameters , including speed, time, distance , calories, heart rate and other information.
Motor drive: You can also call the driver board , is the DC motor and drive motor Ascension , allowing the motor to achieve the desired speed, and the right ascension position. General motor drive can be divided into two categories, for the photoelectric type and magnetic induction type . Both , in addition to the sensor signals are different , others are similar. Photoelectric type motor is mounted on the side of photoelectric sensors, magnetic induction type is mounted on the front of the drum pulley magnetic sensors , but they are used to stabilize the running belt speed.
Motor: the motor is also called , have different power .
Cable: is responsible for communications, transmission of information and energy .
Accessories: includes negative ion generator , fans , speakers and so on.
Hope that through the introduction, let us understand the constituent elements of running electrical control systems.
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