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Introduction to Mechatronics sewing machine composed of electric control system
Posted by:adminDate:2013/12/14 14:19:20Click:1667

sewing machine in mechatronics , electrical control system is a very important and critical part , so we have to understand the knowledge of its composition, working principle and maintenance aspects of the front has its maintenance, so for today talk about its composition, step by step understanding of the electric sewing machine conducted step by step understanding , so steady , step by step .

Mechatronics sewing machine in the electronic control system , mainly by controlling the body , control and sensing objects such as these are composed of parts , specifically, is the controller , drives, motors , sensors, and some auxiliary components, these control components and mechanical components complement each other, so that the machine can be automated.
Controller is to control the sewing machine to accomplish different stitches , can be divided into two categories, one is to control the main drive motor sports , there is a class to control multiple motors , allowing them to coordinate actions. For the former, the general will help electromagnet to complete some other auxiliary functions. The controller has several classes, but it 's very versatile hardware , and software are different types and different.
Drive, is the core of the electronic control system , mainly by power electronic devices, integrated circuits and other components . The control signal is converted to a drive signal to drive the actuator. Its hardware has good versatility and portability, can be adapted to different types of sewing machine , but the software , it is depending on the type of motor. Control drives are based on the fast and accurate servo system.
In motion control , most of synchronous motors, the power range of the motor , a large power can be achieved , and the power increases , the speed is reduced , and therefore suitable for low speed and smooth operation.
Electromagnet, it is also the implementation of components can be used to perform some auxiliary functions of the sewing machine , and thus play a role in strengthening speeds.
These are the mechanical and electrical integration sewing basic components of electronic control system for reference purposes only learn !

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