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Which sewing machine repair methods have electronic control system malfunction?
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sewing machine electrical control system failure, maintenance methods which we can use it? So, today, through professional and technical personnel to carry out electric sewing machine guidance in this area , so that we encounter in future when such problems , there is information you can refer to , and know how to proceed , the following expanded specific content.

Method One : The system automatically detects the law
General electric sewing machine control systems with intelligent automatic fault detection feature, which is based on the system 's alarm code to the fault type system appears determined to determine specifically which parts of a problem. And once identified , it can take the appropriate approach to be targeted for repair. When we use this method, you can also refer to its manual, the general will be above instructions.
Method two : direct observation
This is the most basic way , to rely on the maintenance staff by sight, smell and touch, the machine after careful observation , by comparing the failure to find the site , which requires the maintenance staff has a wealth of experience.
Method three : instead of law
Using this method , it is possible to narrow down , and it is replaced by the good parts , in order to determine the faulty component , typically in the range from large to small , step by step replaced excluded. When using this method , accessories should be sufficient , the electronic control system is adjustable , usually replacing suspect components .
Method Four : Measuring Resistance method
By ohm multimeter is to be measured on -off the circuit , or the resistance value , so the fault judgment . When the electronic control system malfunction , the resistance will produce change. However, when measuring the resistance value should be measured in the uncharged state.
Method five : measuring current law
Current test point is to be measured , to determine the exact location of the fault. When using this method in general , you should disconnect the original line , wait until after the inspection is completed , and then restore the line , so much trouble.
Method six : Open Inspection Act
First control system features a loop disconnect , and then observe the system , and finally determine the fault .
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