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Kinds of sewing machine with three-phase AC motor production phase indication device
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in clothing production, industrial sewing machines generally supporting the use of 380 -volt , 370 -watt low-power three-phase AC motor, the motor due to overload or a blown fuse caused by relative phase burned damage often occurs , in addition to cause some economic losses , it will also cause a fire hazard. I produced a sewing machine with three-phase AC motor phase indicating device , this three-phase AC motor phase indicating device fill the gaps in the market to sell motor phase protection device is not suitable for low-power motor , the device has a simple structure , low cost , high reliability , indicating significant advantages , can be widely used in garment manufacturing enterprises.
1 circuit schematic
The device can be installed in the machine prominently , the use of red, green , and blue , respectively, high-brightness light-emitting diode LED display real-time status of three-phase AC power supply ( Figure 1 ) . When one of them -phase AC power is disconnected , the corresponding color high-brightness light-emitting diode LED goes out , then the operator will promptly turn off the power switch on the machine for repair , thereby preventing damage to the motor . Circuit diagram shown in Figure 2 , A, B, C and 380 V three-phase AC power supply , the power switch is connected to the distal end , K is the machine power switch , M is a three-phase AC motor sewing , D1, D2, D3 respectively red , green, blue high-brightness light-emitting diodes ; R1, R2, R3 for the divider resistors , wherein R1, R2 is 90 kilohms / 0.5 watt resistor , due to the higher voltage blue LED lights , so the use of 70 kilohms / 0.5 watt resistor ; D4, D5, D6 protection for the rectifier diode , is generally used as a general model of the diode 1N4148 either .

2 circuit board production
of the circuit board shown in FIG production , D1, D2, D3 are uniformly distributed in the central portion of the circuit board 3 , respectively, monitor A, B, C of the three-phase AC phase operation. The size of the circuit board can be designed to 4 cm 8 cm , distribution of other components : D4, D5, D6 of the circuit board in a uniform distribution ; R1, R2, R3 evenly distributed in the lower circuit board ; G is ground point of access consists of a lead wire connected ; A, B, C of the rear end of the machine 's power switch is a three-phase alternating current access point ; O1, O2, O3, O4 four larger small hole through the circuit board with a screw shell together. Black dots of the figure are small hole for inserting the pin , the pin associated components connected by welding wires of the electronic components . The apparatus housing can be 5 cm 10 cm 2 cm insulating plastic material ( Fig. 1 ) , three-color high-brightness light-emitting diode LED in the front of the housing uniform distribution center , indicating clearly , for easy identification. Power cord from the housing bottom right to introduce , produce relatively simple, not repeat them here .

3 installation
Simple The device is installed , usually installed in the middle of the apparent position of the head of the sewing machine , access to 380 volt three-phase AC power from the power switch on the rear end of the machine during installation. Accidents such as heavy machine DDL8700 -speed sewing machine can be fixed with M4 screws in the head of this device above the center of the hole process , in order to detect anomalies operator to quickly power off and other measures taken to prevent burning motor , etc. occurs.
In general medium-sized garment manufacturing enterprises sewing workshop, due to noise is large, voice sewing machine motor phase failure after very difficult to identify in a timely manner , the three-phase AC motor phase indicating device more worthy of promotion and use . Interested friends may wish to try .

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